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Sylvia Hawkes and Lord Ashley
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Arthur Hawkes was born in 1881 in Marlebone, London. In 1901 he was a boarder at 112 Hall Place in Paddington (no longer there) and gave his occupation as a coachman. Towards the end of 1903 he married Edith Florence Hyde and she moved in with him.
Edith Louisa Hawkes was born there on 1st April 1904. Arthur was recorded as a horsekeeper. Edith adopted the name of Sylvia and became a lingerie model, a chorus girl and then an actress in the West End Theatres in London between, 1924 1nd 1927, in such plays as Midnight Follies, Tell me More, Primrose, and The Whole Town's Talking. She was known as Silky. Anthony Ashley Cooper the heir to the 9th Earl of Shaftsbury title fell under her spell, so much so that he defied his father's pleas and married her on 3rd February 1927. They were divorced and she went on to marry Douglas Fairbanks, Lord Stanley of Alderly, Clark Gable (PHOTOS) and finally Prince Dimitri Djordjadze. Some woman! She is buried in Holywood!

She had five husbands:

* Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Lord Ashley (married February 3, 1927 - divorced November 28, 1934)
* actor Douglas Fairbanks (married March 7, 1936 - his death December 12, 1939)
* Edward John Stanley, 6th Baron Sheffield and Stanley of Alderley (married January 18, 1944 - divorced 1948)
* actor Clark Gable (married December 20, 1949 - divorced April 21, 1952
* hotel executive and race-car driver Prince Dimitri Djordjadze (married 1954 ...)