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The Young Farmers' Club House (Christian Reading Rooms)


On one corner of the Village crossroads, behind the bus stop, is the Cricklade and Purton Young Farmers Clubhouse.

It started off as a community project to build a Christian Reading Rooms at the entrance to the Village. This was achieved largely due to the efforts of Miss Warrender of Purton Stoke House, with contributions of £250 from various friends. In 1909 plans were drawn up and within 2 years the "Iron Building" was completed. And so it was used for many years as the Christian Reading Room, a meeting place, a dance hall, a youth club and on Sundays for services.

During the Second World War it was the Headquarters of the HOME GUARD.

In 1972 after many years of neglect, a Village Meeting was held in the School, and it was agreed to sell it to Mr. Ernie Clark at Corner Farm. The proceeds, 140, were at first held in a Village Trust Fund. In 1983 the three elected trustees, Jeanne Perons, Howard Ockwell and Jim Caslaw called a public meeting and it was agreed to donate it all to the newly created Purton Stoke Fund for the construction of trestle tables. Alan Pinnock made them.

The Cricklade and Purton Young Farmers bought it from Ernie Clark and have been using and upgrading it ever since.

In 1994 they set it up as a Charity. (John Cook, Richard Scott and Richard Rummings were Trustees.)
The Purton Stoke Fund has been using it every year, for Coffee Mornings, Bazaars, Dances, the Christmas Dinner, Parties etc., hired at an hourly rate, ever since their formation in 1979.
In 2001, after the very successful Scarecrow and Open Gardens Weekend, a sum of 1954 was donated to the Young Farmers' Club, in order to treat and paint the corrugated exterior.

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